Don’t Waste Time: Five Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business

Don’t Waste Time!

If you have a small business and you are looking for ways to come up with marketing ideas, you should look into advertising and promotion of your business on the Internet. The web is not going anywhere and is only going to get more vast. Think about the possibility of getting new customers who find you through your online presence alone.

If you are similar to most small business owners, you most likely don’t know where to begin to attract new customers online. There are different ways to achieve this, but we are going to talk about five ways that anyone can do to promote their new company. If you try to do too much, you most likely will not get anywhere.

Here are a few marketing ideas that can be used by small business owners:

Create a website, blog and YouTube video
You want to make sure you have an online presence on the Internet. If you don’t have a website or blog how can you expect people to find you online? Google is replacing the Yellow Pages, and with everyone carrying cell phones that have access to the Internet, more and more people are using the search engines to find a business just like yours. For some information on marketing with Youtube, check out the following video:

Get customers email addresses
The next thing is to get your future customers to leave you their name and email address. Getting this information is not as hard as you may think; all it involves is putting a small form on your site where people can type in their name and email address. This action alone can be very profitable as you can send them valuable information about your company and inform them of new products or sales. Building a customer list will help your business make more money than not.

Use pay per click service
Another small business marketing idea is to advertise your business using a service called pay per click. Pay per click uses a little ad that you have to pay a certain amount for every time somebody clicks on your advertisement. If no one clicks, it does not cost you anything, and it only costs you money when an actual click to your site occurs. But you have to be careful because it can get expensive fast if you don’t watch things closely.

Use Facebook, and other Social Media
Everyone talks about Facebook these days and putting up a page there makes good business sense. They get all kinds of people visiting their site every single day, so if your page gets popular, you could get a lot of visitors to your website. Not only that, people are your best source of marketing as they share pages with all their friends. Don’t forget Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter for your social networking purposes. To see a nice way of linking to each property in a way that doesn’t trash space, see the Waste Focus website lower right footer area. The icons are individual graphics, each with a link out to the appropriate social media page.

Use of article marketing
A promotion method you can use that is not expensive is called article marketing. You just have to write simple three to five hundred word articles and get them out there on the web. Most of the places you publish these articles are free to join, and you get to put a link back to your site at the end of the article.

You can help improve business income dramatically by marketing on the web. These are only a couple basic ideas. For more information, do a little online research and see if you can find answers to your nagging questions, as well as answers to concerns you didn’t know you had. There is an abundance of small business marketing ideas out there if you keep your eyes open.