Five Things to Consider When Running a Pizza Shop

Consumers love pizza, but you cannot achieve guaranteed success in this industry without knowing how to run a successful pizza shop. There are a few key factors that help you succeed in a pizza business:

Your unique pizza recipes are essential in attracting customers. You have to be able to make your pizzas with somewhat of an unusual twist. Customers prefer a broad range of pizzas, from thin to thick crusts and from mild to spicy sauces and toppings. Your pizza shop may also offer some popular side dishes like breadsticks, chicken wings and salads. You have to adapt your menu to accommodate your specialty food items for cohesive meals. For instance, if crispy crust pizzas are popular, you have to offer that on your pizza shop’s menu primarily, then secondarily you can list your sides.

Promotion is essential to your pizza shop success. You may print up magnets with your phone number, fliers with your menu and other promotional material that you can offer to your customers. You may also place an ad in the Yellow Pages, insert coupons in local newspapers, create a local web page for your pizza shop and a mobile app as well. Here’s a video about how to market your pizza shop using videos:

Your pizza shop success may depend in great measure on the number of competing fpizza restaurants in your area. Opening your pizza restaurant in the suburbs or a small rural town could mean that you just have two or three competitors in the area. But if you have many competitors in your location, you will need to find ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd by offering better quality, better service or lower prices.

Having good employees can be a major factor in the success of your pizza shop. Because your staff provides the first point of customer contact, they can significantly influence the customer’s experience. Treat your employees fair to make them loyal to your restaurant. Offer them discounted or free pizza. This will help them to offer suggestions for customer orders as well as increase their job satisfaction.

For a pizza shop, it is important to be able to offer a delivery service for your customers. This way, you can great increase your number of your loyal clients. Through a good team effort, your pizza restaurant should aim to offer friendly delivery service, promptly. If you rank among the fastest delivery pizza shops in your area, this could be a major factor in increasing your sales.

Here’s an article from Fortune magazine about how one man started his pizza shop after dropping out of Business school. Great inspirational piece. Enjoy!