How anxiety is related with the emotion?

The anxiety is an emotion that everyone experiences in a situation of uncertainty and threat. You must prepare the person for scenarios that may have a negative result. It is adaptive and it is essential. Far from helping to adapt, it blocks the individual and leads to a worse than desired result which can compromise his physical and mental health. To avoid reaching this point, you must understand how to control anxiety when it becomes worrisome. Have a Look Here! To know every details regarding anxiety you must read this article till the end.


What to do in the face of an anxiety or panic attack

Some may rejects the use of medications to solve the problem and is committed to cognitive behavioral therapy. It is the one that has been studied the most on a scientific level and that has proven its effectiveness. To understand what this therapy consists of and give useful advice, explain in detail the steps necessary to overcome anxiety.By changing the focus of attention and the importance we give to the symptoms of the panic attack, they diminish.

The best way to achieve this is

  • Do and think about something else
  • Change the subject of conversation
  • Get to work on something
  • Carry out any activity that allows you not to give importance to the symptoms you are having
  • Instead of hyperventilating, breathe more slowly

In a practical way

  • Reason if the possibility of the worst happening is so great
  • Ask yourself: if the worst happened, would it really be that bad?
  • Pay attention to problems only when something can be done. When there is nothing to do, you have to follow normal life and attend to other things.

Divert attention from the problem

When there is anxiety, attention is continually focused on the problem, “you do not stop thinking about what worries others. The person has to learn to relax, not to focus their attention all the time on the problem. Be on alert, but also rest and save resources when you cannot do anything. To achieve this, you have to force to think about something else and forcing people to do something different to distract them.

Conclusion: Interpret problems as a challenge,

The experts add as advice that the interpretation of the difficulties as a challenge, rather than as a threat. This allows facing the situation with motivation, leaving aside the worry.Anxiety disorders   are also more frequent in women. A man has half the risk of a woman suffering from anxiety throughouttheir life. The age of onset of this pathology is between 20 and 40 years, and the possibility of suffering decreases as age increases. Then it gives rise to other forms of anxiety that are based on depressive states.Differentiate anxiety and depression is not always easy because of the similarity of some of its symptoms and even its causes in the same episode. A person can react by developing anxiety or depression, because in the end both pathologies are ways of adapting to the environment.