How to choose an event-agency for organizing a corporate holiday

A corporate party with a mediocre script, formal decor, leading without a sense of humor, artists without emotions and in frayed costumes is a New Year’s nightmare of any company.

An expert eventagentur wien guides you on how to properly conduct a tender in order to receive the best services from holiday agencies.

The event-agency participates in many tenders both for the production of corporate holidays for employees and for the organization of PR-actions. In most cases, observe how a good idea of ​​organizing a creative competition among event agencies turns into a source of hack, corruption and formalism. But there are rules for tenders that help to get a quality holiday for the same price.

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Give up the illusions.

  • The first illusion: the event-agency that won the tender, where the main criterion was the lowest price for services and the minimum budget will try to understand the corporate culture of your company and try to arrange a vivid event.
  • The minimum commission for services and the minimum budget are offered either by start-up agencies or those oriented to the formal execution of services, while, as a rule, they do not have experienced specialists on staff.
  • Illusion two: the event-agency will be powerfully creative and enthusiastically prepare the event if it won the tender with a deferred payment (postpay), and even with 100% postpay.
  • The agency, forced to pay contractors from its own funds, is more likely to look for cheaper options and fear that it will not receive payment. It will inevitably affect the result. The human factor has not been canceled yet control.

Consider the tender application for your purchasing department.

In fact, for the purchasing department, you are an internal customer to find a supplier. In the tender, it is important to focus on such criteria, according to which the purchasing department will not be able to drag the “dark horse”, the agency, which has neither a worthy portfolio, nor, sometimes, a site, nor awards. By the way, one of the most important criteria may be the membership of the agency in the National Association of Event Organizers (NAOM), where only the most professional agencies with long work experience and good image are admitted.

Do not be greedy

In the tender invitation for agencies it is useful to indicate the budget of the event. If you hide it, the purchasing department and you along with it will be forced to receive and consider offers that either exceed the budget too much or are suspiciously cheap.

Do not ask too much.

Conducting a tender, it is not necessary to require from participating agencies to provide for 3 or more scenarios, and even with thoroughly calculated estimates. All the same, you will receive only one project developed specifically for your company, and the rest will be from the archives – they will only be added to your tender. This is due to the fact that it takes a lot of time and effort for the production of a well-thought-out script and drawing up a detailed estimate for it, and these are considerable financial costs, which for small businesses, which is the industry of events, are sometimes not lifting.