The Best value of the Lion Dance

Looking for an original and unusual animation project, as the Chinese New Year approaches? Know that many traditional festivals exist, such as dragon dance or lion dance. Most of these rituals are an opportunity to attract an audience always more fond of novelties. If you want to know more about this activity as part of a project in community or large area, it’s here.

The Lion Dance is a tradition that accompanies the Asian parade. It brings happiness, luck and prosperity. Performed by two street artists who are followers and practitioners of Kung Fu, the positions of this dance correspond to the basic positions of the martial art. One of the dancers animates the head and the other artist evolves the tail. A costume linking together hides the dancers. This dance is perfectly appropriate to give an atmosphere of character to your inaugurations, your big festivals or during street animations.

Ritual dances in China: a few words

The popular shows are the occasion of very famous events in China. Among these, we note the existence of the dragon dance or the unicorn, which is also found in the form of the lion dance . These animations are originally ritualistic, helping to chase away the evil eye or the evil spirit. At the same time, ritual dance in China must bring happiness, health and prosperity to the villagers. With the Singapore LED Lion Dance the atmosphere gets all the better now.

The Lion Dance is an opportunity to show the public a real know-how in local crafts but also in the fields of martial arts. Indeed, the Lion Dance ritual is first and foremost a typical martial tradition practiced in traditional kung fu schools. The thing will even become a demonstration discipline at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. If the ritual is so deeply rooted in Chinese popular culture, it is because it comes from far away, since one finds traces in antiquity.

To summarize what is really the Lion Dance, we can evoke the fascination of the Chinese for the symbols of nobility, power and luck. It is therefore an extremely strong symbol that deserves to be highlighted, on the occasion of a cultural representation of magnitude. Together, we will look below at what are the real benefits to be gained from a Chinese “Lion Dance” event.

Lion dance: for which audience?

You practice in community, and you seek an original and colorful event to celebrate the Chinese New Year in your municipality? The Lion Dance is a ritual almost necessary to celebrate this time of year. Thanks to a show, supported by our event agency, you will demonstrate your commitment to an ambitious cultural policy, seeking to forge links between the different communities that make up your territory. The Chinese New Year will be an opportunity for you to boost the image of your territory, while allowing your citizens to enjoy a show of beauty.

Also, the Lion Dance can be a great alternative to run a works council. You will have the opportunity to introduce your collaborators to ritual practices in a playful setting particularly appreciable. This kind of seminar will be an opportunity for your colleagues to create new links, all in a warm atmosphere.